FO Friday – Blossom Cuffed Sox IV

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV on my feet

My first pair of socks is finally finished!!

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV side view on foot

I don’t think I can express just how much I love them!

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV full view

This pattern is another great example of how I have no fear when it comes to knitting.
1. I had never knit a pair of socks before.
2. I had never knit with fingering weight yarn before.  Technically I had never crocheted with fingering either, but working with thread I didn’t see this as a problem.
3. I had done some lace but never worked on an item where you knit for a while and then turned it inside out (for the cuff).

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV cuffs

4. I had never worked in short rows before.
5. I had never done cables before.  While this pattern doesn’t have many – just a few rows of 2-stitch cables on the heel, compounded with working in yarn and needles smaller than I’m used to and it became a challenge.

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV cabled heel

6. I had never done the kitchener stitch. Well, technically I didn’t use that stitch for this pattern. I just used a three-needle bind-off.  I think.  The one I know I did a 3-needle, I’m not sure what I did for the other as the toe seam is even more noticeable.

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV on my feet

I recently tried the kitchener stitch when I made the Trimborn cowl, and if I hadn’t already finished one sock not using it, I would have used that closing for both socks.

I finished the first sock in a short amount of time – like July / Aug of 2012. I started the second sock and it sat for a long time.  I picked it up again this fall and promptly ended up stuck in the cable part on the second sock. What was worse was working on the part after the short rows. That should have started the easy section, but I had about 20 rows, thought I had the wrong amount of decrease stitches, ripped out, did about 6 more rows, and realized I was correct the first time around! Grrr. I almost gave up on these socks – either putting them back in the UFO pile or ripping the second sock out entirely. But I persevered and got the job done.

Blossom Cuffed Sox IV side view

I know I’m supposed to be working on and finishing Christmas gifts, but actually, I had hoped that I could make some socks as gifts this year. I was scrambling to finish these so I could use the needles. I won’t have time now, but I’m so happy these are done.

I definitely see more handmade socks in my near future… Oh, and dear reader? No, you can’t have these. They are all MINE!

6 Replies to “FO Friday – Blossom Cuffed Sox IV”

  1. Congratulations! That is quite an ambitious pattern for your first handknit socks – very impressive results! Well done, sticking to it and ending up with such a pretty pair of socks. I’m sure you will enjoy wearing them 🙂

  2. Look at all of those firsts….love your socks! Merry Christmas.

  3. Your socks are great! You have done a very good job. I admire that you didn’t give up when you had to struggle. I think probably you have the Norwegian stubbornness 🙂 Now you are ready to knit a lot of socks! I just finished a pair of socks for my youngest son for Christmas gift. He came home for Christmas yesterday, and I finished the socks the night before! I was worried I would not get them ready. Talk to you later. Merry christmas

    1. You make beautiful socks Marit so I’ll take a compliment from you proudly! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Well done. What a wonderful achievement!!! Your perserverence is laudable Enjoy wearing your socks

  5. Beautiful pattern and color for your lovely socks. It’s a pity that the pretty-pretty parts are hidden when we wear them!

    Merry Christmas!


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