Fiber Friday

grab bag from yarnology

I had to go downtown this afternoon to the Post Office.  When I was leaving, my vehicle just happened to turn left instead of right to head over to my local yarn shop.  Hmm … I guess I might as well go in too.  Actually, I had a gift certificate from yarnology that was burning a hole in my pocket since I hadn’t been there for several weeks.  However, I was going to be a good girl and not buy any yarn today.

I went in to pick up some small needles because I have in my mind that I might make some socks for a few Christmas presents.  I’m not sure yet if that will work given the fact that I’ve only tried one rather complex cables and lace sock pattern… and I’m still not finished with the second sock.  The patterns I have planned for gifts would be much simpler and therefore should be easier to finish on time.  While there I learned that they now have my favorite sock yarn in stock (alright I confess – it’s the only sock yarn I’ve worked with).  As much as I was tempted to pick some up, I did not succumb!

I walked up to the front with just my size 1 dpns, size 1 circular and size 2 circular needles along with the book Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks which looks like it has some really good general sock knitting advice.

Friday purchase - sock book and needles

(sorry for the quality of these phone pics)

Wouldn’t you know it… while I’m getting ready to check-out, one of the owners comes up to me and offers me a bag.  They’d had a special event at the store recently and had some extra grab-bags left over.  Did I want one?  Now tell me, just how am I supposed to turn that down?!  So I left the store with yarn after all.

grab bag from yarnology

The grab bag had a Skacel pattern booklet, a sample of Soak wash, a coupon for a Stephen West triangular shawl called Samen, a hank of Grace Hand Beaded yarn from Louisa Harding and a ball of Schmaltz sequined yarn from Knitting Fever.

Trying to come up with ideas on how to use the two yarns will take me out of my comfort zone and use my imagination.  I had these sitting on my desk at work and learned that a co-worker of mine also knits and crochets.  She and I were throwing around ideas on what I could make from them.

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