30 Days of Gratitude – Day 1

30 days of Gratitude
30 days of Gratitude

I couldn’t find anyone else doing something like this for the month of November, so I decided to start my own.  I want to post each day this month with something I’m grateful for – no matter how small.

I’m sure it will be no surprise that for Day one I choose my daughter – Little Chick.

Halloween 2013 ready to go

She came to us so late in life and so unexpectedly that our pregnancy was quite a surprise and shock.  We wouldn’t trade her for anything!

She makes us laugh every day.  Like last night, Papa said, “You need to say a prayer”.  Her response?  “Prayer”.  She’s not quite three yet, so I know she didn’t do that deliberately which made it even more funny!

Halloween 2013 I'm cold!

She and I had a great time going to our church’s trunk-or-treat yesterday.  We managed to hit a few houses too, but as you can tell she is terribly cold – even with the shawl and jacket.

I think her favorite part of the evening was sitting down in the narthex at church where it was nice and toasty and where she was able to munch on a hot dog.

Halloween 2013 hotdogs

What are you thankful for today?

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