Fall fun – leaves and marshmallows

ASimpleHomestead.com - leaf pile fun

What could seem more like fall than to jump in piles of crunchy leaves or roasting marshmallows outdoors on a cool day?  I just wouldn’t recommend doing them both at the same … the leaves tend to stick to the marshmallows!

ASimpleHomestead.com - leaf pile fun
ASimpleHomestead.com - fall fun

Last weekend it was 80ºF.  This morning we woke to temperatures below freezing.  Ah … the changing temps of fall.  Perfect for creating sticky faces and fingers and hair full of leaves … and for finding sticks that become canes, swords and magic wands.

It was a great day to spend outside, while we can before the really cold weather arrives.

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  1. I still love to walk in the crunchy leaves, even if I have passed 60, but I don’t jump in them any more LOL. The freezing nights have come here too. And at daytime it is only up to 45. But it has been lovely sunny days and when we sit down in the sun, the sun feels nice and warm. The fall colors are beautiful now and we (my husband and me) enjoy outdoor trips each day. We let the sun “charge” us up for winter 🙂 Have a nice fall Sunday!

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