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It’s time to announce the winner of the Wonder Clips giveaway!  Congratulations goes out to Kristen T. who commented that she would use these for wreath making!  I hope you let me know when you make those Kristen; I’d love to see how they look.

Thanks for all the others that entered the giveaway.  There were many great comments.  Sadly, since I’m new to hosting giveaways, I allowed the comments to be entered in the form and not on the blog, so you missed seeing them all.  I’d like to share some of them now:

Mary Ann said:

I would use these for blocking my crocheted squares!

Interesting idea!

Bonnie M had a similar idea:

For blocking long scarves that I hang rather than pin. Especially those that have angles!. the weight “pulls” it down to great points!

Mary C said:

Weighting the yarn ends (when changing yarn colours) when machine knitting. I suspect that the weight of them might be perfect.

Julie K commented:

I’d use them for holding up the hems of pants before sewing them. Then I could try the pants on to make sure they are the right length without getting poked.

Oh, I wished I’d thought of that before I hemmed my last pair of pants! I had sore hands from getting poked so much.

Toni A had this idea:

if you crochet holding squares ect while you play with colours, then keeping them together while you get them together without having to mark them in some way so you dont forget which order you liked the colour

Victoria Z said:

Since I both sew and knit, this would be perfect to use as clamps to make sure I get precision when sewing two pieces of fabric or attempting to steek some sweaters so I don’t have the issue where the back is one row longer or shorter than the front

from Teresa C comes this comment:

I would use them to keep my cast on stitches straight on my circular cords when trying to join a large amount of stitches in the round.

A never-ending struggle when you’re knitting in the round!!

Sara M said:

I’m getting ready to start sewing my 3 girls’ Easter dresses (yes, this early!) and they would come in handy.

I’m sorry you didn’t win Sara … but you’re inspiring me to plan ahead!  With 3 to make, you’d have to start early.

Such wonderful ideas from all of you – thank you!

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  1. Congrats to the lucky winner! 🙂

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