Clothespin people

wooden people with jackets

I want to show off a fun craft Little Chick and I did this weekend. We were playing in my craft room when I discovered a full package of old-fashioned clothespins. These are the kind that don’t open so there are no springs or clips to pinch little fingers. She loves turning anything “stick”-shaped into people to play with. So we turned the clothespins into little people.

wooden people with jackets

So … they’re not the best looking, but what do you expect for 10-15 min of my time?!  I brought the clothespins out and put little faces on them with a marker (the one looks messier because I did a goofy face and she didn’t like it… apparently we’re all supposed to have HAPPY faces).  Then she said they needed jackets.

wooden people - playing

I rough-cut some felt approximately 2 1/2-inches wide – just enough so it would overlap and I could sew together.  I hand-sewed them with some scrap thread (please ignore my stitches … hand-sewing is not my forte!)

wooden people - taller stick

Some where along the line the “jackets” became “dresses” even though all of them were referred to as “he” … either that or they were “make-it” (naked).

Little Chick also had fun threading the jackets on a thinner wooden dowel she found.  When we’re upstairs those dowels become drums on my craft boxes!

wooden people are fun!

These simple wooden people have been a huge hit!  They go everywhere with her – around the house, in bed, in her purse.  I think she now has five of them (she asked for more the next day) and five or six clothing colors.  Maybe someday we’ll expand on this craft and make fancier clothes or hair or something, but for now she’s happy which is all that matters.

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  1. She’s getting cuter! I love those .. Will see if I can find stuff for her purse too.

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