Wednesday wonderings

sink full of bubbles

Some random things I’ve learned recently:

1. The ability to put a child down at bedtime or for a nap is inversely related to how tired you are.

2. Murphy’s law also applies to home projects: the more you want to do outdoor and painting projects and you have weekends free, the hotter and more humid the weather will be. Last weekend? Hot. Middle of the week? Beautiful weather. Forecast for the weekend? Hot.

3. Little Chick has developed a love for “reading”.  There are a couple of books she can now read back to us because we’ve read them enough times she knows the stories.  Like “Huff. Puff.  Bloooow house down” (The Three Little Pigs).  She even enjoys reading old script Norwegian books that no one else in our family can read!  😀

Little Chick reading

3. Chickens love food scraps. Finley loves food scraps. We need to figure out a way to keep him OUT of the chicken yard and still let the little ones free-range. The good news is he gets along well with the chickens and only bothers them (barks) when they won’t let him in their area.

Little Chick, Finley in the chicken yard

4. Never leave the sink running while you go to “quickly” check on what your daughter is doing. You (or in this case, Papa) may come back to find this:

sink full of bubbles

5. If you leave gummy vitamins in the car on a hot day, they may turn into one giant vitamin!  (and should I be more concerned that gummy “candy fruit” doesn’t melt like this?!)

melted gummy vitamins

6. Traveling is hard.  Or maybe I’m just old.

7. It’s always great to make new friends – especially when those friends are from another country (but live where your ancestors came from).

Norwegian friends

What’s new in your world?!

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