Accountability #1

Last spring I learned about a website called Good Morning Girls which was organizing a bible study to study Proverbs 31 over the summer.  They encourage those that want to follow along to create or join an accountability group – through email, Facebook, twitter, or some other means.  The idea is to check in with your group each day after you’ve had your quiet time with bible study.

Let me tell you … this is life-changing!  I’ve tried other bible studies before and I’ve tried reading the bible on my own but I never seemed to stick with it or I would fall far behind.  Having the accountability of others knowing where you are, having an incredible group of women to pray for you when you need it – it’s a wonderful thing.  It also helped that each day was only 2 or 3 bible verses and perhaps a reading from The Proverbs 31 Woman.  Fridays were a day of reflection along with the weekend (or for catching up).  It may seem slow going, but those little chunks make it easier to manage and keep up!

When the session ended in August, I really missed my daily “talks” with the women in my group, the bible readings and quiet time.  I even tried to start up a different study on but their studies push through whole chapters in a day.  I found it difficult to find time to reflect on everything I read, to concentrate on the readings and not just skim through and then I fell behind when a family emergency arose.  (I still like for comparing translations).

You can now sign up for the fall session of Good Morning Girls (GMG) through Sept 17th.  This time we are reading Colossians (Sept 17-Nov 9) and then doing a 4-week Advent study (Nov 26-Dec 21).  I highly recommend joining a group!  There are currently over 11,200 women signed up in over 60 countries!

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