A gaggle of grapes

tiny grapes on vine

I can’t believe it!  We’re going to have grapes this year!

tiny grapes on vine

I think Papa planted our vines about five years ago.  The first two years they barely survived – in fact, I think he ended up re-planting one of them.  In the last few years the vines have grown but have been pestered by chickens, late frosts, and insects.

I’m not sure why I’m surprised, but I thought it was funny that the grape bunches look just like you find in the stores – only tiny at this point.

tiny grapes hiding in leaves

I bet we have a couple of dozen bunches.  How exciting!  It’ll be fun to actually harvest some this year.

These are all Concord grapes.  Why?  Because Papa likes Mogen David.  😀  Actually he does, but he also likes to eat Concord grapes and it’s not something you can find in stores – at least not around here.

On a different note, I’m always shocked when I go out to see the chickens.  It seems they get bigger every time I look – and I’m out there every couple days!  The babies are getting their feathers.  We’ve still had the heat-lamp almost full time because our heat wave has broken and temps at night have dipped towards the lower 60s.

baby chicks

The older ones are growing just as quickly.  The largest pullet (female) is getting close to the size of our adult hens.  And this morning we heard one of the cockerels (young males) practice being a rooster.  Rather pathetic and quite humorous attempts.

chicken run with pullets, cockerels, and baby chicks

This picture gives a good indication of how we have them all situated.  The adults and youth are together in the coop / run area and we have a separate elevated area for the babies.  Creates more room below for the larger ones and it’s easier to hang the heat lamp out of the way.

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