2014 Resolutions … or not

one word purposeful

I was debating whether or not to list my goals (I really don’t like the word resolution) for the new year.  On the one hand, it offers a glimpse into my life that makes me feel a little bit vulnerable.  But on the other hand, I think it helps keep me accountable because I’ve put it “out there”.

I had ideas such as learning to use my drop spindle, make my first quilt, read a book a month, lose another 10-12 lbs, run a 5K, etc.  All great and worthy goals.

Then I read the (in)courage post from this morning which I normally wouldn’t have done until later in the day.  In summary, the author wrote about the One Word 365 project. Instead of choosing a list of resolutions for the new year – pick one word to focus on for the coming months. My word for this year is:

one word purposeful

Merriam-Webster defines purposeful as: 1. Having a purpose as meaningful, intentional. 2. Full of determination.

I like both these meanings but originally I was thinking of the “intentional” definition.  I let too many days go by with not much accomplished or something I can count as having been done.  I also want to make this a goal for my daughter.  We have a “what did you do today?” talk late at night when the lights are off.  When the most exciting thing she mentions is a movie or television show … that she’s already watched a dozen times, it makes me feel like a failure as a mom.

So, here’s to a meaningful, intentional, determined 2014!

How about you?  What word would you choose for the new year?

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