2013 Year in Review – Crafts

2013 - snowflakes and threa

This has to have been my most productive year for crafting … ever!  Thanks to everyone who inspired me and kept me going.

2013 sewing projects

I tried sewing … with less than stellar results.  Here’s hoping I can do better in 2014.

  1. Polka Dot curtains
  2. Flannel pajamas
  3. Step-stool cover
  4. Coasters
  5. Chambray shorts
  6. Stretchy shorts
2013 - card making

I managed to make a few cards this year – mostly during our marathon session a couple months ago.

2013 - snowflakes and threa

For fibery crafts, I started off the year blocking snowflakes I made in 2012. This is just a sample of the few I finished. I continued making my great love … doilies. And I managed to finish a different type of snowflake this year – a knitted ornament!

  1. Crystal Peak Snowflake by Snowcatcher
  2. Eyelet Lace Snowflake by JPFun
  3. Martha Stewart Crocheted Snowflake #3
  4. Flower patterned doily
  5. Knitted Snowflake ornament
  6. The Gift Doily #4

I made quite a few dishcloths and afghan squares again this year – trying out different stitches and techniques.

2013 - new techniques

This past year I expanded my repertoire.

  1. I made my first knit toy: Elephante by Susan B Anderson.  As a bonus, I even had a photo-op with the designer during a book signing!
  2. I tried Tunisian lace.  This is the Sapphire Wrap by Kim Guzman
  3. I learned the star stitch and then improvised into making an afghan square.  The instructions I had didn’t make for a nice edge, but I’ve come up with a better way.
  4. I finally finished a sweater for my daughter: Astrid Sweater
  5. I made my first pair of socks – the Blossom Cuffed Sox IV (and several new techniques!)
  6. Not my first cowl, but I learned the kitchener stitch for the Trimborn cowl
2013 design work

Up until this year, I only had one pattern designed and written up.  And I’m embarrassed about it now.  This year I managed to create a few new patterns of my own – some of which are available to the public.

  1. Snowflakes in June.
  2. Diagonal Stripe Washcloth.  Available as a free download on Ravelry.
  3. Potato Lake Rustic Cowl.  Available for purchase on Ravelry.
  4. Bass Mountain Hat – also a child version
  5. Mt Finley hat.  Available for purchase on Ravelry
  6. Granny toy hammock
  7. Criss-Cross bath mat
  8. Black ribbed hat
  9. Teal coin purse
2013 hats

I discovered I love making hats!

  1. Adult’s Simple hat by Lion Brand
  2. One Ball Curvy Lace hat by Sweaterbabe
  3. Patriotic hat
  4. Ribbed hat
  5. Ribbed hat with mittens
  6. same as #22 – oops.  I grabbed this picture twice.
  7. Montera Slouchy hat
  8. Vivacity
  9. Strib hat

Ravelry says I completed 63 projects in 2013 – including two you haven’t seen yet because I just took pictures this morning and I’m saving them for Finished Object Friday :-).  That doesn’t include all the sewing, card-making, jewelry making (which you also haven’t seen) and other misc crafts accomplished!  I also didn’t mention our wonderful Cabin Crafting weekend.  Oh, what fun this year has been!

Thanks for keeping me motivated!

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