WIP Wednesday

sweater progress

I’m not sure I’ll get this done by Friday, so here’s my Work-in-Progress Wednesday showing:

sweater progress

Can you tell what it is yet?  It’s a sweater for my daughter.  I just have the sleeves yet to do.  I couldn’t start last night because it turns out I don’t have size 6 dpns – just my circulars.  I think I bought three new sets of needles just to do this one sweater!!  Oh well – it probably would have happened at some time.

I’m surprised I’m as far along as I am because this was my state last Friday:

sweater progress

Not much different from the previous Friday, right?  Well, you’d be right.  That’s because mid-week I realized I needed to start over. I tried to fudge and use a different-sized needle to start the moss stitch section on top AND I discovered that the chest measurements vs US sizes for this pattern were different than the one I had originally looked at, so I was actually making a toddler size 6.  That would have been way too big.

I can’t wait until this is finished and I can share the full story behind it!

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  1. So sorry to hear that you have to start over.

    1. Thank you. Starting over wasn’t too bad; I’m almost done already.

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