WIP Wednesday – another striped hat

another striped hat in progress
another striped hat in progress

I’m still chugging away making some Christmas presents.  I had one hat already made up that looked like it would be the perfect size for my great-nephew Anthony.  Until I saw him at Thanksgiving.  The hat would fit … but I made it in black, white and red.  His coat was black, turquoise and bright lime green.  Yeah, not a match at all.

So off I went to the store to get some accent yarns that would coordinate with his coat.  It’s ok … you can tell my husband, because Little Chick already spilled the beans and tattled on her Mama.  We went “shopping” on Small Business Saturday.  Papa asked her later where they went, what did they buy.  “Yarns”.  Uh oh 🙂

Normally it would only take me around two evenings to finish a hat, but this one is going slower.  I think because our nights have been busier  (translation: setting up the Christmas tree, Mama spending too much time on the internet, baths, etc.). Hopefully I can finish tonight or tomorrow because I still have two more hats – and four pairs of mittens to complete in the next 19 days!

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