WIP Wednesday

Montera hat too loose

This has been a week of fits and starts…I finished one project on Sunday (hurray) so I was able to start a new one that night.  However, as Papa said … I shouldn’t start new projects late at night.  1) it means I don’t want to go to bed and 2) I’m more likely to screw up because I’m tired.

I started making f.pea’s bumpy cardigan pattern (free).  Why start something so big this late in the year when I know there are Christmas gifts to be made?  Well, because I’m crazy, and because there was a cardigan contest I had hoped to enter.  I started it but by the 4th row my counts were off; frogged it; started the first row again and went to bed.  When I woke up the next morning I came to my senses and decided this would be a better project for after gifts are finished … even if that means bowing out of the contest.

bumpy cardigan start and end

I think the burgundy and “natural” color will be a beautiful combination together … when I get around to making this.

Ending my dreams of the cardigan contest didn’t stop me from wanting to enter another contest!  Oh no.  But I figured I could combine this entry with an actual gift!

Monday night I spent unraveling some free yarn I picked up somewhere along the line and started the Montera Slouchy Hat pattern (free).  For the most part, it was going well, but I kept thinking the stitches were too loose.  I had even done a gauge swatch and it came out fine so I was confused why it didn’t look like the picture.  Turns out the yarn used in the pattern is Aran weight.  I picked out a yarn that was a worsted weight yarn (at best).  So, this is going to get frogged too.

Montera hat too loose

I need to get back to actually finishing something!  Or at least be able to work on a project for more than 24 hours without having to start over…
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