WIP Wednesday

BMC doily in progress

I haven’t had much time to craft the last couple of weeks what with traveling and late bedtimes for Little Chick (she needs to start getting up earlier in the morning!).  Here’s a project I’ve worked on and off since February.

BMC doily in progress

It’s called the Between Meals Centerpiece and is a popular doily pattern among the threadie groups I follow.  I still have about 10 rounds to go which will take me the longest because of course they are the biggest.

This project will most likely get put back on hold until after the holidays now.  It’s a shame because I love making doilies.  It’s like any project though … the ones that need to get done because of an upcoming holiday / birthday / wedding / pesky sister will always get worked on first.  Any project that I’m doing just for me – whether it’s making a sweater for myself or doing a project just because I love it will often get packed away for a while.

I’ll probably leave this project close at hand in case I need something portable to work on.

As an example of how much I love thread, I broke my no-buying rule (again) and purchased these beauties from an online “friend”.

2013_10 thread purchase

The cones turned out to be sport-weight instead of size 10 crochet thread, but I’ll still enjoy working with them.

Remember when I talked about my ninth afghan square and was trying to decide if I should continue?  Well, I’ve decided to start over.  This time I made a cardstock template that is 10″ square instead of my original 7 1/2″.  I also drew a line down the middle so I can make some 5 x 10″ strips for a little variation.  I drew the half-mark line while working on my latest (10th?) stitch pattern.  It is a crocheted bobble-type stitch and I didn’t think I wanted an entire square of that in my afghan.  The half strips would be nice for lace stitches too where I don’t want too many holes.  Over the last week, I finished the half-strip and have started on square #1 again – the basic stockinette square.  We’ll see how long it takes to catch up to where I was before!

What are you working on?  I’d love to hear…

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