The Best Beef Tenderloin

The Best Beef Tenderloin |

Dinner was delayed the other night because of Facebook.  Not because we were surfing and forgot to make it.  We’re blaming it on the Tasty videos that a few “helpful” friends re-post all the time. The ones that make you drool and change dinner plans from having plain ol’ sandwiches to “forcing” your husband to run out to […]

Greek birthday

Greek dinner - spanakopita and pita

When Papa and I were dating, one of our favorite haunts was an authentic hole-in-the-wall Greek restaurant.  The place only seated about 20-25 people.  It was so authentic that half the staff didn’t speak English!  We often ordered the sampler platter for the wide variety it offered but we also did a lot of experimenting […]


thin crust pizza

Like many households, pizza is favorite meal in ours.  It’s such an easy meal to whip together and what little kid doesn’t like it?  Little Chick went through a phase where she would only eat the toppings.  As a toppings-person, I find that completely understandable.  Then this week she’s only eating the crust.  Why?  Because […]