Pattern release – Crevices Hat

Crevices Hat - blue

It seems hard to believe that it’s been four whole months since I last released a pattern. That dry spell is now over as I’m now bursting with energy and ideas again!

Let me introduce you to Crevices Hat.

Crevices hat trio

This hat is so named because it reminded me of craggy rock cliffs. My prototype hat was made using some luscious KnitCircus Ringmaster speckled yarn I picked up early last December. How could I not buy this fun colorway, especially with a name like “Mischief Managed”?!

Crevices Hat - KnitCircus Ringmaster

I had never really used speckled yarn before and wasn’t sure what to make with it – other than a cowl, and my closet is getting full with those :-). My closet is also overrun with hats too, but I don’t care… I love hats!  I think this is the perfect pattern for speckled yarns.

The texture looks complicated but it is just a two-stitch repeated pattern – easy enough for beginner knitters.

Crevices Hat - green

I originally planned to release this design next Friday, but my testers were all super-quick and one even made three of these hats! Not all their patterns are linked up yet, but you should check them out! Not only does this hat look great in solids and speckled yarn, but the tester’s versions were done in neutrals, self-striping sock yarn held double (to equate to worsted-weight), a bright speckled yarn, and even two colors for stripes!

Crevices Hat - blue

I hope you enjoy this hat pattern as much as I did making it!

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  1. The hat is great! You are very creative. Maybe I should make next year a hat knitting year?
    As you can see I have dedicated this year to sock knitting 🙂 You said in a comment on my blog that you were amazed at how fast I produced them. You know, I only knit socks, and are not working outside home. You must remember that you are a working woman, mother to a young daughter that needs much of your time, you create and make new patterns, you knit and crochet many different things, and you even learn Norwegian! I am amazed at all you get done! 🙂

    1. Thank for the vote of confidence Marit! I often forget how limited my time is and it gets frustrating. I don’t know if I’ll ever be an avid sock knitter. I finished the one simple ribbed pair for my daughter but the second pair I started is taking much longer because it has cables. Oddly enough, I keep getting bored with it. I never get bored with hats though. I can usually whip one out in a couple hours, unless it’s a complex stitch pattern. 🙂

      Time is one reason I love knitting and crochet – I can do it while relaxing with my family. I don’t have to be in another room working at a table or where my supplies are – my “work” can follow me. That makes it easier to get projects done.

      As for the Norwegian, I’m only spending 10-20 min a day total on the apps. It doesn’t seem like that would be enough, but according to my trackers I’ve learned close to 300 words since the end of January! I’m getting more overlap now between the two apps, but that makes for even better review time. I realized I have some verbs I need to practice again, such as vasker, betaler, and leker. I must not have been paying close attention when I worked through those lessons.

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