Pattern release – Bobble shopping bag

bobble shopping bag |

‘Tis the season for farmer’s markets and other outdoor venues. What better way to visit these events and help the environment than to make your own reusable shopping bag!

bobble shopping bag |

This lightly textured bobble bag is made from a cotton/acrylic blend yarn to offer strength and stability when carrying heavier loads. It will stretch to make plenty of room for those ripe vegetables and fruits. One of my testers said as soon as she finished, she immediately took it out to her garden to harvest her tomatoes!

bobble shopping bag bottom |

The bag takes less than 400 yards – 200 yards of each color. You can also make the bag using 100% cotton although it might stretch more with use. And of course, it’s completely washable!

bobble shopping bag flat |

I always get compliments when I take these bags to market. Since the sides are airy, they fold up and can be easily tucked into a purse or another bag for carrying.

The bag is worked from the bottom up with the handles incorporated into the sides so there’s no seaming!

Buy the pattern from Ravelry or LoveCrafts!

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  1. How cute! I’ll definitely have to try that!

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