Living and Active – week 3

view on lunch time walk
view on lunch time walk

Week 3 was a struggle for me, but I expected it would be.  Fall colds always seem to settle and cause a persistent tickle in my throat that makes it difficult to breathe, let alone get any exercise in.  This happens every year.  One doctor years ago told me I had viral-induced asthma and gave me a $$$ inhaler to use.  It didn’t really seem to help.

On the plus side, the weather has been beautiful!  Temps in the lower 70’s and sunny.  Perfect walking weather.  I only managed to walk a couple of times at work last week.  I was concerned that would be all for the week since we were traveling over the weekend.  However, since we were in a residential neighborhood with plenty of traffic, Finley had to be on a leash at all times.  Which means he needed a walk each day.  My third and fourth walks came on Saturday and Sunday – just in time for the ending week.  It was nice to get outside in the cool air (Grandma keeps her house at 78ºF  … too hot for me) and the chance to view different scenery.

I’m hoping with a bit of extra sleep in my own bed, I can push past this bug and get on the road to health.  I received an email this week about next year’s Festival Food’s Grandad Half Marathon weekend which will be held on May 2, 2014.  I walked the 5K this year.  My goal for next year is to run the 5K.  Getting the email reminder gave me a boost to my willpower and drive.  Hopefully, that will keep me going over the next two weeks … and over winter.

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  1. What an awesome goal! I would love to see you accomplish it. Will you come back and let me know once you do?

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