Game Day Potstickers (a cheat)

potstickers pan-fried

I can’t believe the Super Bowl is this weekend already!  Time to break out the appetizer and snack plans…

Potstickers are one of those foods that I could eat all the time.   I say that about a lot of foods, don’t I?!  I guess that’s why I don’t make them very often.  They actually aren’t a bad food … except for the highly salty dipping sauce, but that sauce is one of the reasons I love them so much.

I don’t have a real recipe to share with you today … just a “cheat” on making them.  You see there are countless recipes for potstickers out there, usually with a long list of ingredients.  My trick?  I purchase pre-made wonton wrappers, a meatloaf mixture from the meat dept, and a stir fry vegetable mix from the produce section.  Then I’m more than 2/3 of the way finished already!

potstickers - meat mixture

My filling is comprised of the vegetable mix chopped finely, the meatloaf mixture (raw), and sometimes an egg to help bind it.  The meatloaf mixture I buy is Mom’s Meatloaf from Festival Foods.  It contains a mixture of beef and pork, seasonings and eggs already mixed together.  The seasonings are mild and not highly noticeable in the potstickers.  Especially since I add plenty of garlic, onion, or scallions (if the vegetable mix doesn’t have it), some ginger, and a little soy sauce for additional flavoring.  As you see in the picture, the vegetables are a little chunky, but you don’t want them too big otherwise they won’t cook and it’s harder to wrap them.

If you’ve never made potstickers before, they are really quite simple, just a little putzy.  It helps if you get an assembly line laid out.  Set out a few wonton wrappers (keep the rest covered), put a dollop of filling in the middle, wet two edges of wonton wrapper, fold over in a triangular fashion, and press to seal the edges.

potsticker mixture on wonton wrappers

After they are folded, pan-fry them with a little oil in the bottom to help them brown and so they don’t stick.  Once they’ve browned on one side, they are flipped over.

potstickers pan-fried

Technically you are supposed to toss a little water in the pan and cover them so they steam.  My cheat for this time was to just let them brown as I then tossed them all onto a baking sheet and popped them in a low oven to keep them warm.

pile o' potstickers

And there you have it!  A pile of potstickers ready for game-day or anytime you want a protein snack.  Oh, and don’t forget the dipping sauce!  I make mine with soy sauce, minced ginger and garlic, and scallions.  You can add other ingredients as well, but this is what I do in a pinch.

Is my version authentic?  Nope.  But I dare you to taste and compare with the recipes that take longer to assemble and create!

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  1. They look yummy! We don’t get pre-made wonton wrappers here, so if I should make them I would have to make them from scratch!

  2. They look like as if a hungry kid made them.

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