FO Friday – back to school - class of 2029 t-shirt

There was only one project I really needed to get done before the end of August. It was a t-shirt idea my sister found for me just in time before school started.

sob My baby started school this week! Granted, it’s only Pre-K/4K and only a few hours for four days a week, but still… - class of 2029 t-shirt

This is an adult t-shirt and the idea is we’ll take a picture of her each year at the beginning of the school year to show how much she’s grown each year.

I’ve seen similar ideas with babies – putting them in a laundry hamper or oversized shirt to show their growth from month-to-month (I didn’t know about those ideas when she was little). Grandma giggles each time she sees the shirt – she thinks it’s so wonderfully clever.

And of course, the t-shirt had to be in pink … although I’ll admit, Papa picked out the shirt for her :-).

The only good news about our daughter starting school is that I finally have an excuse to stock up on school supplies! LOL

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  1. uh oh… school and office supply addict! 😛

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