Dye Monkey visits Wisconsin (and a FO, finally!)

Owlet set kit

Today I had a reason to revisit some of my blog posts from 2013 and 2014. It made me realize I was much more proficient (wordy?) back then! For some reason, I just haven’t been able to find the time or energy lately to post about happenings around here. But I have plans to change that…

Jessica L'Heureux

Almost a full month ago (!), Jessica L’Heureux, the owner of Dye Monkey Yarns was able to make a trip up to visit my friends’ shop: Unwound Artisan Yarn Shop in La Crosse, WI (sadly, they closed in 2021). They had a full weekend of events scheduled. Even though we had Papa’s mother staying with us during that time, I ran away for the morning hours on Saturday to join in the fun.

The first event was at JavaVino – meeting up for brunch. Those that were fortunate enough to meet that morning received an awesome swag bag from Jesse. Inside was a couple of mini skeins of Jig Monkey yarn in coordinating colors along with her Owlet pattern. The owls are made by holding the two yarns together to give it a rustic look. We also received a stitch marker, a fabric basket, some chocolate – and probably other things I’m forgetting.

Jesse is just as awesome in person as she appears on her podcast – Knit Up & Dye!  We had a great visit, although the time seemed to pass too quickly.

Owlet set kit

I told Papa later how funny it is that many of my family and friends, when asked “what makes you think of Carmen?”, say “Knitting!” (or crocheting). However, when I get together with knitting friends, do you know what they think of regarding me? CHICKENS! 🙂 Apparently I’m the knitting chicken lady in some circle. Therefore, it’s no surprise that someone mentioned perhaps I could modify Jesse’s owl pattern and make a chicken. So I did…

Chicken formerly known as Owlet

Little Chick wants to steal this, but I’m claiming it all for myself!

Dye Monkey Pop-up shop (at Unwound Artisan yarn shop)

I spent more money than I should that day, but I have a plan for the “Always” Disco Monkey (green) yarn mixed with another Dye Monkey yarn I already own. The brown (“Dark Roast” Twist Monkey) was just too hard to pass up. And the chicken sock blank? Jesse brought that especially for me! I had admired one she showed off on Instagram a few weeks earlier so she made sure there were a few included in her Unwound pop-up shop (sadly, Unwound closed in 2021) so I could purchase one. It will probably never be pulled apart and knit … I just like looking at it!

I hear socks made from these sock blanks look pretty awesome though.  What do you think?  To knit or not to knit…

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  1. To knit, knitting chicken lady! 🙂 As they say, “Do whatever makes your soul happy.” 🙂
    Keep knitting, Carmen!

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