Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2017

Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2017

It’s that time of year again!  The Indie Design Gift-a-long starts on Tuesday!

Indie Design Gift-A-Long 2017

I love this event!  Not just because I’m participating as a designer again, but also because of all the great designers and patterns *I* get to discover each year!  There are KAL/CALs for all different types of patterns, LOTS of chatter in the Ravelry groups as well as prizes.   Ravelry is a free site if you haven’t already signed up.

The event officially starts on Tuesday November 21, 2017 at 8pm US EST.  All patterns that are currently marked as “for purchase” by a designer are eligible for prizes – and there are hundreds of prizes again this year!

Each of the 311 (!!!) designers also participates in a sale for the first week only – 25% off 10 to 20 of their designs.  Each designer has created a bundle on their designer page to show which ones are on sale.  But don’t worry, even after the sale, the fun continues until December 31st at midnight (also EST).

The majority of the designers are knit-only, but there are quite a few crochet designers as well, and I’m part of an elite group (35) that design for both groups.  Over one quarter of the designers are experiencing the Gift-a-long for the first time, so as I said before, there’s always someone or something new to discover!

You can find more information, all the chatter and FO (finished object) groups on Ravelry at this link:

If you love geography or are geeky like me, there is a link to a Designer’s Map where you can see where the designers are located in case you want to pick your projects that way.  Or pick projects from your favorite designer.  Or watch what everyone else is making in the chatter threads.  Or pick your projects by type: head, hands, feet, garments, etc.  There will be eight categories to choose from again this year as well as the Opadoo even for those really ambitious – if you complete one project in each of the eight categories you will be entered to win a prize.  Just don’t spend so much time selecting projects and chatting that you forget to actually knit or crochet! LOL

This is a great opportunity to connect with other crafters and get your final holiday gifts finished!

Make sure you check out the link when the event starts as that is when the official list of designers is released along with all the chatter / finished object threads.

I’d love to know – are you done with your Christmas/holiday gift making? Or are you like me and haven’t really started yet?

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