4 Weeks to a More Organized Home

everything fits in JoTotes

Even though the weather outside doesn’t look anything remotely like spring…

March 2014 winter scene

I am more than ready to do a little spring cleaning and organizing of my household (and life).  This has been a long winter already.

Money Saving Mom is setting up daily assignments for “4 Weeks to a More Organized Home” in the month of March.  Every weekday morning at around 10 a.m. EST she will be posting the daily assignment and then have a follow-up post that evening for what she has accomplished.  I’m going to see just how many I can follow along with, although I probably won’t post daily about my progress.

Day One assignment was Clean Out Your Purse and/or Diaper Bag.

This is what I have been using for a purse.

my old purse

It’s the bag they gave us when we brought Little Chick home from the hospital.  I started using it a few months ago when I started using my daily planner again and my regular purse wasn’t big enough.

The inside of this bag wasn’t too bad as I had recently cleaned it out.

old purse semi-organized

My daily planner, a wallet, a notepad and a few small items.  It was the wallet that really needed help.  See?

messy wallet

Getting rid of all those receipts and a chunk o’ change really helped to lighten it up.

wallet with receipts gone

Still, I thought I could do better than using a glorified diaper bag as my everyday “purse”.  Then I remembered that I had won a JoTotes bag last year and never got around to using it.  Perfect!

JoTotes bag

This is the Betsy bag (but mine is in Chocolate).  It’s a beautiful bag and almost as big as the vinyl bag I was using before.  And look!  Everything still fits in there!

everything fits in JoTotes

And since I had to stop at the dentist first this morning, I even had a little bit of room to squeeze in my favorite knitting project bag, and a banana for mid-morning snack!

even project bag and banana fit in JoTotes

This challenge has already made me happy as it forced me to make a change to something more fashionable and lovely instead of just a bag I had lying around.  Off to work on challenge #2…

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