30 Days of Gratitude – Day 4

my sister and brother-in-law
30 days of Gratitude

I originally had something completely different in mind today for my Day 4 … but today I’m going to say I’m incredibly grateful for my sister.

my sister and brother-in-law

I’m sure I would have gotten around to her eventually :), but I felt it was important to be thankful for my sibling today of all days.

Why? Because our neighbor and friend called yesterday to ask if we could look after the dogs.  Her brother had just been injured in an accident.  He had a brain injury and the prognosis wasn’t good.  We learned around lunchtime today that he passed away this morning – on his birthday.

So today I’m thankful that my sister is alive and (mostly) well. I’m also thankful that she is married to a wonderful man who makes her happy. He likes playing in the kitchen almost as much as we do – and was the one that helped make Little Chick’s birthday cake last year.

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  1. Ditto! 🙂 Thankful for you too.. and Papa and Little (not so Little) Chick.

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