30 Days of Gratitude – Day 3

Basset-Hound dog
30 days of Gratitude

Our days of gratitude for the family wouldn’t be complete without Finley.

Basset-Hound dog

Finley has been with our family for less than 5 months. Wow!  I surprised myself when I wrote that.  It seems like he’s been with us for longer.  He’s such a goofball at times.

As I said back in September, he spends most of his days out on the back deck watching for evil squirrels.

The all-day whining we had when he first arrived has settled down into just when we’re eating (and he’s not getting any) or when he’s bored and either wants to play or be petted.  It’ll be interesting to hear from the vet when he goes for his first post-adoption checkup in a few months.  He eats pretty well in our house – especially now that Little Chick knows which treats she can give him!

I’m especially grateful for Finley because he’s filled a little piece of that empty place that Charlie left open when he died.  Charlie will always be with us – and neither one could ever replace the other.  I love having a family dog in our house … and am grateful for the cool-weather snuggler he’s become.

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