30 Days of Gratitude – Day 29

plant - Arrowhead Vine

I love plants!  I think they really add something to a home.  Of course, there’s the air-cleansing ability they offer, but being able to bring a little fresh green into the home adds a nice aesthetic touch.

plant - Arrowhead Vine
Arrowhead Vine

I used to have a lot more plants in our home, but I’ve ahem … killed off quite a few the last three years as I’ve concentrated more on helping our little one grow.

plant - purple African violet
African violet

In fact, when Papa and Little Chick visited me at work a couple of weeks ago, he asked why my plants looked so good at work.  Well, because I make sure I water them once a week! Which reminds me … I need to water our plants at home again!

plant - Chinese Evergreen
Chinese Evergreen

Thankfully some plants are heartier and survive my infrequent watering trips. Like this Chinese Evergreen. Papa gave it to me shortly before we were married. It’s been divided up many times over and given to friends and family – and the main plant carries on.

plant - Birds-nest Sansevieria
Birds-nest Sansevieria

Plants can also have special ties to friends and family members. A friend gave me this succulent plant back when we were their neighbors in town.

Grandpa's ivy

Or in the case of this plant – the only one Papa cares about. It’s the ivy we grew from a little cutting we took from Grandpa’s funeral flower wreath.

30 days of Gratitude

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