Terrible Tuesday

I have to say that my husband had a rather rotten day today.  He doesn’t seem grumpy, but I probably would be after everything…

It started this morning when Little Chick woke up – and promptly vomited.  As an infant, I don’t think she had spit up more than 1/2 a dozen times, so this was a strange occurrence.  She seemed ok, ate a little bit, and then the two of them headed off to vote.  And she threw up again – at the town hall.  You know you live in a small town when you show up to vote hours later and the volunteers ask if your baby is ok and did you know she got sick?

It was fortunate she did that before they went to the grocery store, so he was able to pick up some Pedialyte for her and didn’t have to run back.  She seemed fine the rest of the day, so we’re not sure what was up.

I want that camera!

Maybe she’s fighting something. She didn’t wake up until after 8 am and she took a 2-hour nap this afternoon (naps that long are rare).

But that wasn’t all that happened today. Sometime after they ran errands and returned home, this happened…

one lone feather

…and then there were two.  Chickens, that is.  A couple of weeks ago, they left to run errands in the morning.  The chickens were free-ranging in the neighborhood and seemed fine.  But Papa and Little Chick came home to a yard scattered with feathers.  We lost four that day.  He found three bodies, which made us suspect a dog (rather than something that wanted to kill for food).  Today we lost two more.  They were home, but my husband never heard a thing, so again we don’t know exactly what happened. We should have no problem keeping up with their supply and may even have to start buying eggs again.

Here’s hoping for a better rest of the week…

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