Predator update

There is one less predator in the neighborhood today.  No, we didn’t kill it.  Papa tried when he spotted a couple of ring-tailed varmints on top of the coop last week, but it was dark, he probably wasn’t fully awake and he was trying to shoot while holding a spotlight.  Instead, we sacrificed some of our giant marshmallows to the great and powerful Live Trap.  And it worked!  Last night, I woke up hearing the sound of a plastic tarp ripping and was concerned they were trying to access the chicken run through the “roof”.  Turns out he was tearing at the tarp trying to get out of the live trap.  We GOT HIM!  Papa drove him to a wooded location a few miles down the road and released him.  For me, it wasn’t far enough, but I’m hoping he and his friends won’t be back.

And Henrietta?  She died a few days after the first attack.  Of “lead poisoning”.  She was limping and I’m sure very sore, but the worst of it was her wounds became infected.  We didn’t think she’d survive, so Papa put her out of her misery.

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