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Last week I joined a health challenge.  I can almost hear the sighs … yes, another one.  This one is through a Ravelry group called Knit ‘n Fit.   The challenge is to daily post in the forum about our Meals, Muscles (exercise), and Motivation.  We’ve also shared what our goals are, healthy recipes, and what’s on our needles.  At the end of the 3 weeks (June 30), points for our daily posts will be tallied to win the grand prize of yarn, stitch markers, and fitness items.

Knit 'n Fit Ravelry banner

In addition to the motivation of prizes in that group, I set up my own motivation.  My local yarn shop (LYS) announced they have this book in stock.

It’s the Up, Down, All-Around Stitch Dictionary.  I really want this book as it’s more than just a stitch dictionary.  It shows how to do the same stitches flat, in the round, top-down, and bottom-up.  Most stitch dictionaries just show you bottom-up worked flat.

My motivation is to “win” this book.  To achieve that I came up with 12 healthy goals (well, 13 – but the Couch-to-5k just doesn’t seem to be happening this year).  Daily goals like 10+ min of exercise, climbing 10+ floors, flossing (I got out of the habit), zero soda, 5 fruits/vegs, 8+ cups of water, 100+ SparkPeople points, etc.  If I achieve 190 points over these 21 days (an average of 9 per day), then I’m going to purchase the book.  So far my own points system is a bigger motivator than anything else!   I have a couple of days less than 9 points and a couple with 10-11.  As of today, I’m looking good for my final goal.  Still, it makes me nervous to see anything less than 9, so it keeps me on track.

Probably the biggest benefit is learning new healthy habits.  Such as the tip from last week that said if you’re craving chocolate, eat some almonds.  I still haven’t put that one to the test because I really started watching my sugar intake last week and I’ve noticed a big difference in my cravings.  I never would have imagined not craving chocolate!

yogurt-covered raisins

I’ve also learned that for me, just a few yogurt-covered raisins will help kill sweets cravings.  It’s hard to keep these on hand.  Little Chick loves these snacks as well!  I’ve heard these really aren’t that good for you as sometimes it is not real yogurt on the outside (just oil, sugar, flavoring), but I may try making my own to see what happens!

sweaty self

I’ve learned it’s hard to take selfies – especially when you’re moving.  Part of the Knit ‘n Fit challenge is to show pictures of our “sweaty self” to help keep us honest.

Friday's dinner - pizza, salad and fruit

It’s not a requirement but we’re also encouraged to take pictures of the meals and snacks we eat.  Again, to keep us honest.  There is something beneficial to that level of accountability.  If I know I might have to write down or show the group just how much I ate … well, it might spur me to make healthier choices.  My family thinks I’m just plain crazy for taking pictures of my dinner plate … but I’m used to that 😀

I almost wish the Knit ‘n Fit challenge was longer than 3 weeks.  Hopefully, they’ll keep it going.  I’ve lost 2 pounds in 10 days and would love to see this progress continue.

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  1. I guess I can no longer have comments on my posting food pictures to Fb now! 🙂

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