FO Friday – 2013, July 26

Sapphire Wrap July 26

Not much going on this week.  I’m trying to get my Sapphire Wrap done.  If I want to enter into the box of yarn giveaway, the CAL (crochet-a-long) item needs to be finished by Aug 1.  That’s next Thursday people!  Ack!  I’ve made good progress in the last couple of days, but we’re going to be very busy this weekend, so I’m not sure what will happen.

Sapphire Wrap July 26

There are two wedges to complete.  I’ve finished one and am about 1/3 of the way through the second.  But then there’s the lace border.  That might take some time to figure out … and allow myself some frogging time.

My husband informed me this morning that he has me figured out.  I announced last weekend that I was going to part with a bunch of my yarn – either giving to my mother or mother-in-law, both of whom do charity work or maybe even selling some of it.  He said he knows why I’m getting rid of it.  “To make room for the new yarn.”  Oops.  I guess he saw what was in the package that arrived this week.

This beautiful pulled silk yarn is from Darn Good Yarns.  It’s beautiful yarn, but I can also say I’ve now helped someone.  All their yarn is recycled silk, cut or spun by women in Nepal or India which allows them to be more self-reliant.  This yarn was on clearance, and it’s so beautiful and wondrously soft!

Darn Good Yarn pulled silk

I also had some other yarns arrive this week.  I signed up for a design contest with My Mountain Yarn.  I need to design a hat using Schachenmayr SMC yarn.  They sent me two skeins of Boston, a chunky weight yarn, and one large skein of Bravo Big Color, a super chunky.  I really haven’t ever worked with super chunky, and have limited experience with chunky.  Not to mention that I have only ever made one hat (crocheted) and never a knit one.  I guess I have no fear :D.

I was able to give them a couple of options for color, but it was hard to determine from their online pictures.  The green on the right will have to be independent – maybe a child’s hat.  But the other two go beautifully together, so I’m going to see what I can make of it.

Schachenmayr SMC yarn

What are you working on?  Please share in the comments!

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