Chocolate Stained Glass – an easy, Christmas treat

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This recipe for Chocolate Stained Glass couldn’t be easier. I’ve seen this confection also called Church Windows or Cathedral Windows Candy, Marshmallow Yule Log, or simply Stained Glass Candy. But is this considered a dessert? A cookie? Candy? I’ll let you decide!

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With so many holiday events this seasons it’s easy to forget one. Suddenly it’s 8pm at your daughter reminds you that she needs treats for her classroom the next day. Or you’ve been so busy wrapping gifts that suddenly you realize you need a gift for a neighbor, your pastor or your child’s favorite babysitter. What are you going to do?! Make Chocolate Stained Glass!!

Chocolate Stained Glass - ingredients

All you need for this treat are three simple ingredients!

  1. one 12 oz bag of Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  2. one stick (1/2 cup) salted butter
  3. one 10 oz bag colored marshmallows – I use Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows. These are not only colored but slightly flavored! I’m normally not a fan of the fruity marshmallows, but in Chocolate Stained Glass, these marshmallows give an extra special twist. But color is most important for the effect!

Steps to make Chocolate Stained Glass

The steps to make this treat are super-easy too!

Step 1. Melt the chocolate and butter together. You can do this either in a microwave in 30-second bursts at high power, stirring at each interval. Or you can melt in a saucepan, but you need to watch it carefully and place the pan over low heat so you don’t cause the chocolate to seize.

Step 2. Stir in the entire bag of marshmallows. If your chocolate is quite hot, it may be a good idea to let the chocolate mixture sit for a couple of minutes so you don’t melt the marshmallows. The Chocolate Stained Glass doesn’t look like much yet but wait… The “magic” will appear later!

ingredients mixed together

Step 3. Scoop the Chocolate Stained Glass mixture onto wax paper or plastic cling wrap and form a log.

rolling up the chocolate mixture

Step 4. Roll the wax paper (or plastic wrap) around the chocolate, pressing lightly to reduce the air holes and make the mixture tighter. Then roll up the ends tightly to compress the log.

Chocolate Stained Glass - rolled up

Step 5. Place the log in the refrigerator for an hour or more and clean up! 🙂 (Mom was BUSTED!! And yes, I did lick the saucepan…)

Mom is busted! (licking the bowl)


Once the log has hardened, unroll the wax paper or plastic wrap and cut the log into 1/2″ (inch) wide pieces.

Chocolate Stained Glass logs

Did you notice that these Chocolate Stained Glass logs look all uneven and bumpy? It doesn’t matter! Not when you see them cut!

Note: this dessert / cookie / candy should be kept in the refrigerator until serving time. At room temperature, they get soft and semi-melted.

log cut open

Chocolate Stained Glass is a HUGE hit with the kids (young and old). Little Chick brought this as a treat for her birthday last year – and her classmates asked for a repeat of the same again this year!

Chocolate Stained Glass

Chocolate Stained Glass would be a wonderful addition to your treats any time of the year, not just at Christmas. Those pastel colors would look perfect at Easter time or other spring celebrations – if you need a break from lemon desserts or all those eggs! 🙂

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  1. These are so cute. I love marshmallows, especially the orange flavored ones. I always picked them out. HA!

    1. I’m a marshmallow fanatic too – so I’ll take any opportunity I can to combine marshmallows with another favorite (like chocolate) 😀

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