3rd Birthday

huge watermelon

Papa and I have lost a lot of our holiday spirit this week. You see, another one of his sisters went Home on Sunday. It wasn’t totally unexpected, but we thought we had another month or two to spend with her.  Plus, it’s been bitterly cold this week – waking up to temperatures less than 0°F and brisk winds. The sun comes out most days, but who can get outside for very long to soak up Vitamin D?

In spite of all of that, we rallied our spirits yesterday to make sure that Little Chick had the best 3rd birthday possible. I still can’t believe she’s three years old already! On the one hand, it seems just the other day we brought her home from the hospital. On the other hand, it’s hard to remember life without her.

visit with Santa

She had a busy day. Papa took her to the mall to visit with Santa. Santa even “remembered” seeing her two years ago on her birthday :-). Behind the visiting area, they had some giant fruits and vegetables for kids to climb on.  (ugh… she needs some new pants.  Check out how short they are!)

huge watermelon

We had a nice dinner cooked by Papa and then some birthday cake. He will be totally embarrassed I showed you.

3rd birthday cake

We (I?) had grander plans for the cake this year, but having it fall during the week cramps my style – at least if I want to make it a surprise as well. In other words, we ran out of time. The Sophia the First figurines were a hit though – as I knew they would be.  (I just hope this doesn’t end up on Cake Wrecks!)

This spunky little girl loves to run and jump and climb all over everything. And yet, she loves to twirl and wear jewelry – like the necklace her Auntie ‘Drea gave her at Thanksgiving.

wearing necklaces

She loves to do what we are doing – even if it’s housework.

helping to vacuum the floor

Decorating cookies with a toddler can be interesting. We did these on Saturday.

decorating cookies

Lots of sprinkles on some of the cookies and just a few on others. They won’t win any rewards, but we don’t care (they’re almost gone anyway!)

For her birthday, she received sparkly tennis shoes, some first-word writing books, books to read, Veggie Tale videos and CDs, a teapot set from her dearly departed Auntie Janie, another set of figurines – Doc McStuffins, and then this wonderful crocheted food from Nana.

crocheted play food

How fun is that?!  Little Chick doesn’t know of course, but she’s getting a kitchen set for Christmas. I heard a rumor Grandma N is getting her some pots and pans. So this food will be fun to play with. Nana made a hamburger, bun, lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup/mustard, pickles, cheese and french fries; two whole eggs, fried eggs, toast triangles, bacon, and pancakes. Pizza, carrots, tomato, orange, strawberries … and probably some other items I can’t remember. It sounds like she enjoyed making them! 🙂

Happy birthday Little-Chick!

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  1. I can not believe she is 3 already! Mmmmm bacon! Your Nana is awesome.

  2. You really have a cute litle 3 year old daughter! I only have grown up sons 🙂 I visited your blog by the give away, and found it very inspiring and interesting. I can’t say I am doing Homesteading, but I try to live life simple and down to earth. I am sorry to hear about your husbands sister. I have signed up to follow your blog. You are welcome to visit my blog too, it is a lot about knitting 🙂

  3. Happy 3rd birthday – looks like it was a very special day! It’s so hard to put aside great sadness to make another’s day joyful, but you two certainly did a fine job.
    I love her dress with the hearts, and would like one in my size. And as cold as it is here (single digit highs lately, and more and more snow) I’d also be wearing my trousers underneath the dress!

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