FO Friday – the July edition

JMF Vest - full view

I wish I had more to show for July.  It seems like I have accomplished more, but I guess not. Let me start with a simple project, but one that’s been sitting on the floor of my craft room for a few weeks (as evidence of wrinkles would indicate).  I didn’t like the way this t-shirt […]

FO Friday – failures and new projects

Elenka dress in progress

Technically the only thing I’ve finished is this Underground Crafter mystery square.   And I’m still three square behind – thanks to a new release this last Wednesday.  I really began to hate this square.  I could have made three in the time it took me to make this one.  Not the pattern writer’s fault. […]

FO Friday – spring blocks

Churn Dash quilt block

Guess what I made?!  More blocks!!  Big surprise. I wasn’t sure I could get another quilt block done by the deadline (today), but last weekend Little Chick took an extra-long nap AND it was cold and rainy outside.  What better way to spend an afternoon like that than sewing?   It’s a free block pattern […]