Pumpkin Processing

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Remember when I talked about Olivia the pumpkin? Shortly after Halloween, Olivia “disappeared”. We weren’t going to draw attention to her absence in case that would cause a disturbance. Then again, we didn’t exactly hide the fact that we were chopping up a pumpkin. She was so big, we could only cook half of the […]

Makin’ Bacon

bacon after it has smoked an hour

Have you ever made homemade bacon?  No?  I highly recommend it.  Papa worked on this over the last couple of weeks, and for the past few days we have living “high on the hog” (pun intended). The process starts by putting a rub / brine on a pork belly and letting it sit in the refrigerator for 7-10 […]


thin crust pizza

Like many households, pizza is favorite meal in ours.  It’s such an easy meal to whip together and what little kid doesn’t like it?  Little Chick went through a phase where she would only eat the toppings.  As a toppings-person, I find that completely understandable.  Then this week she’s only eating the crust.  Why?  Because […]