The Imposter Gardener

cabbage destroyed by worms |

I’m struggling with a bit of Imposter Syndrome lately.  I mean, who am I to blog about how to grow a garden, when our own garden is pfffft!? We came home from our camping vacation to discover the cabbage plants all but destroyed. Papa found at least one worm crawling on it – but my guess […]

First harvest 2016

radishes |

This is an exciting time of the year: getting to harvest our first produce from the garden. Although, it didn’t go exactly as planned. A week ago I had checked one section of the garden where I thought I had planted radishes, but when testing, I pulled up long, tiny threads. Then I assumed it was […]

Eat your hostas

hosta plants growing |

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links I may be compensated. Did you know hostas were edible?  Recently, I was listening to the Pioneering Today podcast on my way to work.  In episode 82, she interviewed Angela England, author of the book Gardening Like a Ninja: A […]