Repeat crafting

Merida dolls |

My mother sent me a link this weekend to a great little article by Franklin Habit.  The article is about repetitive knitting – making the same pattern(s) over and over again and how he’s not known for repeating patterns.  I’m not either – I rarely make a pattern twice.  I’ve made lots of washcloths and afghan squares […]

FO Friday – dyed wool hat - dyed wool hat

Last fall, I mentioned how we had received a fleece from a neighbor and Kurth Valley Fiber Mill cleaned it and spun it into yarn.  Unfortunately, Papa didn’t give them very good directions as to how thin to process it.  Holding your fingers out and saying “this thick” isn’t very accurate.  As a result, the yarn […]

Pocketbook slippers - Pocketbook slippers side view

This is what happens when you don’t post projects as they are being produced … you miss some!  Abbi over at Proverbs31Living commented on my Christmas gifts post: “The pocketbook slippers are neat. It is hard to imagine just how they work without seeing them on.”  I was going to point her to a previous post […]