Spring brings changes to A Simple Homestead

2017-04-27 website snapshot

If you’ve been paying attention to this site (which I hope you have), you may have noticed some changes.

2017-04-27 website snapshot


  1. The blog has a new fresh, clean look.
  2. There is now a shop associated with the site where you can find physical and digital products we create.
  3. and … we have an official newsletter!

Up until now, those that subscribed would receive an “RSS feed”-style newsletter.  All that meant is when something was posted to the website, it would automatically send an email. It was supposed to send just an excerpt of the post, but something broke – perhaps when I changed the look, and I noticed lately it was sending the full post. A full post email is great but it looked quite ugly with all the formatting stripped out.

I’ve wanted to create a “real” newsletter for a while now and this forced me to do that!

What does that mean?

Well, for one, it means that the subscriber list is now split into to different categories: homesteading and crafting. You can sign up for just one category, or both (those that were signed up before will receive both automatically unless you change).

It means you’ll receive a nicer looking email but with the same frequency. In other words, if a post is created, an email will be sent. You will most likely only receive a few emails a month; no more than 1-2 per week.

What will the new e-mails look like?

The emails will contain only a hint as to what is in the blog post. However, they will also contain additional content that isn’t included in the weekly posts.

I often run across helpful or interesting articles that I would love to share, but they don’t warrant a full blog post on their own. For example, the latest craft email that was sent on Friday included links to some favorite recent finds:

2017-04-28 newsletter screenshot

Why should I subscribe?

  • Subscribing is the best way to get notified when we release new articles!
  • I plan to include discount codes for new product and pattern releases, and those discounts will only be available to subscribers.
  • Eventually we will offer a few subscriber-only freebies.

In summary, it’s well worth the effort to sign up for the newsletter 🙂

Which topic should I subscribe to?

Both of course 🙂 !

I know there are some readers that only care about one of these areas (Hi Dad!), so that’s why I’m giving each reader the opportunity to pick and choose.

The homesteading topic will cover anything related to homesteading including chickens, gardening, family life, recipes, the weather, Bible-related topics, healthy living, etc.

The crafting newsletter will cover crochet and knitting of course, any other crafts Little Chick and I try out, yarn-related topics, life of a designer, and pattern releases.  I’m considering doing a future series on Bullet Journaling and how I use it for my business and life in general.

How do I sign-up and/or change my subscriptions?

The sign-up form can always be found in the upper right-hand column of the website, or you can sign up below.

Changing your e-mail address, the style (HTML vs text) or which topics you want can be done by clicking the “update your preferences” at the bottom of each e-mail.

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