Learning to sew – coasters

set of 5 coasters

Both my mother and my aunt tried to teach me to sew when I was a preteen.  My aunt even sent me to a Joann Fabrics class when I stayed with her and my uncle one summer.  They all were a disaster.  Every time I used my mother’s old Bernina sewing machine, I jammed the bobbin thread.  Every. Time.  To this day, I’m not sure what was happening unless I just tried to go too fast.  And the fabric class?  We made a t-shirt.  Who in their right mind has a beginner project with stretch-knit fabric?  What fabric did I pick?  Stripes.  Ugh.  As I recall my sleeves were uneven and the sewing was sloppy.  I think I even wore it a couple of times, but then I’m not sure what happened to it.  My guess is it magically “disappeared” into a charity box.

As a result of these wonderful attempts, I really didn’t pursue sewing as a craft.  I’d see cute sewing ideas but either by-pass them or send hints to my mother.

Until I had a child.  I started seeing all these wonderful, adorable crafty ideas … and they needed sewing.  Hand sewing I could probably handle (although not the greatest at even stitches there either).  My wish list was getting longer, Mom wasn’t coming through fast enough (sorry Mom 🙂 !), so I decided I needed to try again.

set of 5 coasters

This was my latest attempt – a set of 5 coasters.  They were based loosely on this tutorial from Handmade by Hilani (link no longer found) and another by Make-It Love-It.  Just don’t look too closely as the stitches aren’t the greatest, some of the sides are wonky and no two look alike.  But, eh.  It was fun to make them.  I used some scrap material I received from my mother-in-law (left over from making baby blankets) and they are lined with felt.  I don’t have any scrap fleece and I couldn’t remember where my interfacing is (if I have some) – but I figured felt would be great to help make it water resistant and add padding.  Why five?  Well, because that’s the number of squares I could cut out from this fabric.  It seemed a shame to leave just a little bit left.

Feel free to critique away!

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