Giveaway tips – Deadline dates

Deadline Dates

A caution: if a blog said a contest ends on a given date but they don’t mention a time, I would make sure I enter by the day prior or you might miss the deadline. Example: blogs will sometimes says they will draw a winner on 3/29.  But when? That could mean 7am on that day, 9pm or even midnight.  You never know.  And time difference can come into play if they live on a different coast or in a different country!

I’m also ambivalent about midnight.  If they say midnight 3/30, does that mean that it just before the 31st or did it really end 12:01am on the 30th?  It pays to be cautious and enter early because I’ve found some websites mean the latter.

Or how about “winner announced on this date”? Does that mean the contest ends then, or does it end sometime before that date?  Alright, I’ll stop now; I’m beginning to rant.

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