30 Days of Gratitude – Day 21

Grandma's birthday party 2009

Grandparents.  What a wonderful concept!  Since I’ve already mentioned my mother and my father, today I’m going to talk about Papa’s parents.

Grandma's birthday party 2009

I know some people have horror stories about their in-laws, but I never have an issue with mine.  They’re just as quirky as my family and welcomed me from the first day Papa brought me to meet them.  I’m grateful they brought up Papa to be the righteous, upstanding man that he is today.

Grandpa N

Unfortunately, Grandpa passed away in early 2010.  So he never got to meet Little Chick.  Papa obviously inherited his gift of gab from his father. Both of them love(d) to talk!  Grandpa N and I used to have good discussions about technology and computers – that no one else in the house was interested in.

Grandma N

Grandma passed on her love of cooking to her son. Do you remember that scene in Ratatouille where Collette is explaining to Linguini how Gusteau handled his recipes? Linguini thought she meant “do something unexpected” but she corrected him: “no! follow the recipe”.  Those two reminded me of this family.  Grandma is an excellent cook but she always follows the recipe. Her son is also an excellent cook … but often can’t repeat his creations because he threw this-and-that into the mix 🙂

Grandma keeps busy these days by volunteering at her church for communion set-up, the church newsletter, and quilting.

Grandma knitting mittens

She also spends time making baby quilts and knitting mittens.  This time of year she usually has a stash of about 75-100 mittens ready to go out to some charity.  She also has her grandchildren and several great-grandchildren to keep her busy.

30 days of Gratitude

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